Energy Broker

Eneas Energy Broker ensures advantageous energy agreements for small and medium-sized corporate customers

With 30,000 corporate customers representing a total annual energy consumption of 7 billion kWh, and 20 years’ experience in the Nordic energy market, Eneas has the professional leverage and competence to obtain the kinds of advantageous energy agreements usually reserved for larger organisations for its small and medium-sized corporate customers.

Eneas’s customers obtain access to a product that provides:

  • Security and predictability of the electricity rate 3-4 quarters in advance through our guaranteed price cap. This simplifies the budgeting process, and eliminates the extra costs incurred due to sudden price increases in cold winters.
  • “The right agreement at the right time” – with a maximum price for predictability, and with greater price hedging in the winter than in the summer in order to benefit from fluctuating prices during the summer months.
  • Savings through reduced prices when market purchasing prices drop – we pass this price reduction on to our customers. The agreements ensure trade preparedness against future market developments.
  • Continual portfolio management through active trade optimisation in order to further reduce prices. The optimisation is undertaken by professional industry participants with many years’ experience, in accordance with strict mandates defined by Eneas. The agents are closely followed up in order to ensure good results over time.
  • Competitive terms and conditions, since Eneas’s total customer base constitutes a large volume. The energy is supplied and invoiced by a physical supplier, while several agents and energy traders will undertake assignments on behalf of the portfolio.
  • Energy documented as originating from a renewable source.
  • Professional management of your company’s energy purchasing, so you can focus on what is most important – your core business activities!

Eneas’s task is to maintain complete focus on our customers’ energy purchasing by following up physical energy suppliers and financial management agents, and monitoring changes in the energy market. This is our core business. Large volumes simplify rapid ordering and trade in the wholesale markets. Eneas evaluates when to commit to prices – for how large a share of the volume, and for how long. We do this based on our experience and competence, and an assessment of market developments and the price situation in both the short and long term.

As a customer, you gain access to the market’s best energy management environments, effective energy cost control, predictability for budgeting – and not least, competitive terms and conditions on your energy supply.

Wherever possible, all practical matters are handled by Eneas in order to simplify your everyday work.

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