Smart Metering

Simplified management and energy-efficient operation of buildings with multiple tenants

Smart Metering from Eneas simplifies administration and facilitates energy-efficient operations for multiple-occupant sites—without additional cost to
owners or tenants.

Modernising infrastructure, Smart Metering gives a detailed, real-time overview of consumption. Operations managers/building owners have a continuing
overview of a building’s energy flow and total consumption, and each tenant is able to monitor its energy consumption independently.

Energy-efficient operations

Smart Metering from Eneas automatically transfers all hourly readings to your Energy Monitoring System (EMS). EMS is the most important tool to maximise

Simplified administration

Eneas maintains precise billing of electricity distribution charges to tenants and shared facilities. Costs related to shared facilities can also be
shared. Allocation and settlement of shared costs related to heating, cooling, etc. can be performed by Eneas at the client’s election.

Free choice of electricity supplier

All Smart Metering subscribers remain free to choose among electricity suppliers. Subscribers who want electricity and distribution on the same invoice can
take delivery via Eneas.

How it works

Under Smart Metering Eneas assembles, in a building or complex, multiple subscribers on the local distribution network and gives the provider a single
delivery point. We install advanced measurement and control systems (AMS) for tenants and the public areas in the building. Eneas becomes the building’s
grid operator and safeguards operations, billing and maintenance of meters. Advanced measurement and control system and communications equipment remotely
log the tenant’s hourly utility use assuring account accuracy.