Smart metering

Eneas offers a complete smart grid and metering solution customised for commercial buildings with multiple tenants.

Our solution includes individual metering and precise billing of electricity distribution charges to tenants and shared facilities. All costs related to shared facilities can be divided between tenants on request.

Smart Metering from Eneas simplifies administration and facilitates energy-efficient operations for commercial buildings without additional cost to owners or tenants. Services include:

  • Automatic metre readouts every hour in all areas
  • Continuous monitoring of building energy consumption (main metre minus sub-metres)
  • Access to ePortal with an overview of all metres within the building, as well as consumption statistics, peak loads, etc.
  • Free choice of energy provider
  • Billing and settlement risk handled by Eneas
  • Maintenance and operation of metering system handled by Eneas
  • By agreement, Eneas handles the distribution of costs as well as billing for shared electrical facilities, district heating and cooling.


Access to ePortal for a complete overview of all metres is provided in Eneas’ Smart Metering service. Click here for more information.

Energy-efficient operation

Eneas’ Smart Metering will automatically transfer all hourly readings to your Energy Monitoring System (EMS). EMS is the most important tool to help you maximise your energy efficiency.