Metering and energy management

For property management: 

One of our goals at Eneas is to save property managers time and money by handling operations related to power consumption measurement and billing. We provide complete solutions — from surveying buildings and optimising meter structure to billing, customer service and online services for managers and tenants.

Our solutions are primarily relevant to properties with multiple tenants, and every solution is customised to suit the client’s needs. You can feel safe in leaving all energy management tasks to Eneas. We will ensure that energy consumption is managed in the best way possible, so that you can focus on your core business.

Eneas is a market leader in metering and energy management solutions for shopping centres, as well as other commercial buildings with multiple tenants. Our solutions are continuously being developed, and we strive to meet the manager’s needs and wishes for a simpler workday.

For electricity suppliers and grid owners:

Eneas Energy is an expert on AMS, and has extensive experience providing systems for automatic meter reading as well as data validation and inspection. We have a modern billing system, our own customer centre and can offer useful online services through our technologically sophisticated ePortal. As our client, you can choose to outsource the entire process or only certain parts of it. 

Quality and control:

Eneas Energy is licensed by NVE and all services are provided in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

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Eneas Energy is certified in accordance with the Sellihca qualification system, and is a registered provider with StartBANK.

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