Energy efficiency in buildings

Energy Efficiency pays off

New buildings as well as old ones present huge untapped opportunities for reduce energy consumption. On average, 30% of a commercial building’s energy
consumption is unnecessary!

Energy efficiency is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to combat climate change, clean the air we breathe—and reduce energy costs at the same

How to prioritise energy-efficiency projects?

“Where do we start?” Is it enough to replace just a few parts? Should we replace the whole system? Or would it be better to do a comprehensive upgrade of
the entire building? The answer we will guide you to starts with an overall cost-benefit analysis taken into account the situation of your business.
Factors we considered include: age of current equipment and support systems, type of industry, services your company provides, energy prices, opening
hours, and your company’s access to capital. We always start by identifying the “low-hanging fruit,” the savings achievable readily and at low cost.

Complex projects, such as designing and replacing a building automation system (BAS), a ventilation or lighting system require a partner with experience in
managing these types of projects and know-how in achieving energy efficiencies.

Eneas, reducing energy costs in buildings since 1995, specialises in optimising energy-efficiency in industrial plants and large commercial buildings. We
have extensive experience in the field and we are the ideal partner to help your business prioritise and implement such initiatives. Our broad expertise in
measurement, automation and energy monitoring, along with ventilation, lighting, cooling and heating, makes us your complete energy service provider.

Eneas analyses energy consumption to guarantee savings

EPC (Energy Performance Contracting) = guaranteed profitability!

Eneas’s EPC concept gives us the best incentives to leverage our expertise and creativity, in comprehensive solutions that maximise your savings and profit
potential. Eneas takes responsibility for the implementation of all suitable initiatives and for delivering them to you on a turnkey basis. We set guaranteed targets for savings and profitability, reducing resource use and risk for our clients. With EPC, your energy savings will repay the
cost of achieving them.

Eneas can give such strong guarantees and offer our incentive structures because we establish a consumption baseline and models that adjust for changes in
production, climate, land use, working hours, and other factors. Eneas has extensive experience in metrology and we install both permanent and temporary
meters to measure electricity, heat and oil/gas, enabling integration with EMS and BAS. Finally, implementation starts only when both Eneas and the client
has fully approved cost saving baselines and all features of the initiative.

On initiatives qualifying for public subsidy, Eneas handles applications and reporting to the relevant agencies such as Enova.