EMS – Energy Monitoring System

Energy Monitoring – a prerequisite for energy savings

“What gets measured gets managed.” – Peter Drucker


Knowing your consumption is a prerequisite for conserving energy and preserving the environment. This is the first step in professional energy management
and forms the basis for estimating savings potential and verifying the results of initiatives once implemented.

Energy Monitoring involves the systematic and periodic monitoring of energy consumption, adjusted for changes in temperature, production levels, air
quality and other cost drivers.

Eneas offers a web-based Energy Monitoring System (EMS) adapted to property portfolios of all sizes and complexities. The system is set up with automatic
and/or manual logging of data. Energy data can also be imported from operating systems in place.

Eneas EMS reduces energy costs by 5-10%

EMS achieves costs savings of 5 to 10% by early identification of flaws in operations and technical systems. A systematic approach can reveal abnormal
energy use due to issues like faulty ventilation, defective electricity meters, and underfloor heating left on when not needed. EMS allows operations
personnel to identify and document defective solutions and routines and propose improvements. EMS reveals savings potentials and documents results of
energy conservation initiatives.

Monitoring from Eneas operations centre

If your internal resources are limited, Eneas operations centre can help you monitor your buildings energy systems. We have consultants with
multidisciplinary backgrounds and extensive experience in monitoring energy consumption in a wide variety of buildings, experts at identifying broad
cost-saving potentials. Our consultants systematically monitor your buildings, on a continuing basis, to ensure that errors are quickly identified; they
also assist you with realising energy savings.