Focus on the enviroment

Our work and business environments

Our clients and employees are the core of our business. This is the guiding value of the Eneas Group, and we give every effort to creating long-lasting and strong relationships with both customers and colleagues.

Eneas Services has ensured that 12,500 business clients in Norway and Sweden receive their electricity from renewable sources. We focus on being environmentally conscious in our energy procurement, and provide our customers guarantees of origin, so they can document souring from hydropower or other renewables.

Eneas’s core values ​​are customer focus, commitment, excellence in execution, reliability and innovation. We strive to live our values every day.

Eneas is an environmental pioneer. We have been Miljøfyrtårn certified since 2007 and we work tirelessly on improving our services and their environmental
impacts. Eneas is a member of Green Point Norway (Grønt Punkt Norge), whose environmental standards our suppliers must meet. Eneas supports the work of Bellona and Zero with funds.

In all our business development at Eneas we work hard to stay on the green track.