About Eneas

About Eneas

The Eneas Group is one of Scandinavia’s leading players in energy services and brokerage. We create values for more than 40,000 clients in industry, business and agriculture.


Norway was the first country in Scandinavia to deregulate its electricity market. In 1995 Thomas Hakavik, CEO of the Eneas Group, established Norsk Energirevisjon AS (NERAS) in Drammen. Hakavik’s motivation for founding the company was the awareness that a number of companies with large energy consumption had signed unfavourable contracts with utilities. Moreover, these companies were being incorrectly invoiced under complex new regulations. NERAS pioneered its Energy Audit concept, and demand for invoice verification grew rapidly in the deregulated market. To date, refunds Energy Audit has obtained for business clients total several hundred million kroner.

In 1996 NERAS established Encom AS and launched its Smart Metering service for commercial buildings. The concept encompasses a simplification of management and organization for energy-efficient operation of multiple-tenant facilities, while avoiding additional cost for owners and tenants. Smart Metering is Norway’s market leader.

Through its Energy Audit and Smart Metering services NERAS gained extensive knowledge about opportunities for energy-efficiency in commercial buildings. In 1998 the company signed its first Energy Performance Contract (EPC), with Aker Solutions, for which NERAS designed energy-efficiency measures.

In 1999 NERAS opened an office in Gothenburg to expand Energy Audit to serve companies in Sweden, and established a call centre, Neras Direkte AS, in Trondheim, offering Energy Audit via B2B telemarketing. The same year, Neras Direkte made agreements to handle call centre activities for major companies including Telenor.

Statoil came in as an owner in 2001, with a focus on establishing more energy-related services. In the period following Statoil’s investment, NERAS doubled its revenues every year. A management buy-out led by Hakavik in 2005 brought in new strategic owners within the property sector. This gave a boost to the development of energy-efficiency services and EPCs. As part of this share transaction NERAS and Encom AS merged into the new entity Eneas Energy AS.

Eneas established the energy efficiency company Eneas Energy AB inSträngnäs, near Stockholm, in 2006. Neras Direkte opened a call centre in Östersund the same year.

Eneas Energy AS bought Intent AS in 2007 to strengthen its expertise in building automation. Building Automation System has subsequently been a central part of Eneas’s Energy Efficiency services. That same year the company started its own energy-trading unit, Energy Broker, that focused on procuring electricity at the best possible terms for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Today, Energy Broker serves 12,500 business clients in Norway and Sweden.

The acquisition of EnergiCompagniet AS in 2009 strengthened Eneas’s expertise in project management. EnergiCompagniet and Intent were also merged into Eneas Energy AS.

London-based Palamon Capital Partners Ltd. acquired a large stake of Eneas in 2010 and became the largest shareholder in the company. Palamon, a private equity fund, recognized great growth potential in the Eneas group.

The Eneas group rapidly expanded beyond energy-efficiency and electricity, to provide comprehensive services to its already large and fast-growing customer base in Norway and Sweden. Eneas Broker was established to apply the economies-of-scale model developed by Energy Broker to SMEs’ insurance buying, so that SME clients obtain discounts previously reserved to large customers; Costsavers AS extends the savings model in the area of SME clients’ procurement.

Today Eneas Group Holding AS encompasses multiple enterprises. Eneas Services AS comprises Eneas’s broker services and daughter companies; Eneas Energy AS combines metering and energy management and daughter companies.

In the summer of 2016 Palamon sold their shares in Eneas group to Norvestor, who’s now the largest shareholder. Norvestor is a private equity fund with headquarters in Oslo, Norway. Eneas is looking forward to an exciting and stimulating journey ahead with Norvestor

In May 2017, Eneas acquired Sähkönhankinta, an independent energy intermediary for SMEs in the Finnish electricity market with approximately 3,000 customers.

In November 2017, Eneas acquired Enegia Market Services OY and Enegia Sweden AB. Enegia Market Services is a leading independent energy intermediary for SMEs in the Finnish electricity market with presence also in Sweden.

Following these acquisitions, Eneas provides active energy procurement services to more than 40,000 customers in the Nordics, with a combined energy consumption of approximately 7.3 TWh.


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