To all our customers, suppliers and partners

Eneas has introduced widespread use of home office to prevent further spread of corona virus. We have progressed well through the first period, and are confident that we will be able to keep all parts of the organization up and running.

Customer service is open, the sales force is active through phone and skype, administrative processes function, and production is kept up.
We are all making an effort, we are being flexible and we are finding new ways to work. We’re doing it!

We have as intention to keep doing it this way as long as we have to, and we hope you too are able to make the best
out of a very challenging situation.

We urge everybody to closely follow the instructions from the authorities, so that we all can get through this as quickly as possible,
and that we minimize negative consequences.

With hopes for progress and good fortune for us all, Eneas

The Eneas Group is a leading player in energy services and sourcing. We secure energy for more than 40.000 businesses across the Nordics.



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